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In My Candle Era LLC

Forever Winter Wax Melt

Forever Winter Wax Melt

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Scent description: "I'll be summer sun for you forever,Forever winter if you go"

Too young to know it gets better: A comforting fragrance of a winter's embrace, where each note is as pure and delicate as freshly fallen snow. Envision the scent as the supportive arms of a caring friend, offering solace and tranquility, a reminder that winter is but a season.
I'd take that bomb and disarm it: Subtle sweetness lingers in the air, mirroring the tender moments shared between true friends. Picture the fragrance as a comforting presence, enveloping you with compassion and understanding, promising that even in the coldest moments, warmth can be found.
If you weren't around: Delicate hints of spice unfold, revealing the intricacies of emotions in the song. This fragrance conveys the complexity of being there for someone navigating through depression. Much like the subtle spice, being a supportive friend brings warmth but also acknowledges the challenge, creating an aromatic narrative that resonates with the worry and care involved in such connections. 

"Believe in one thing, I won't go away" Each fragrance note weaves a narrative of resilience, empathy, and the promise of brighter days ahead. As you light the wick, let the scent unfold, offering a comforting hug reminiscent of a supportive friend during challenging times. Embrace the fragrance, and let it serve as a beacon of hope, a reminder that, like winter giving way to spring, moments of difficulty will yield to a brighter and warmer tomorrow.
Essential Oils: Sweet Orange, frankincense, Ginger

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