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Scent Description:
"And we're dancing all night,
And you can try to change my mind,
But you might have to wait in line.
What's a girl gonna do?
A diamond's gotta shine."

Our Bejeweled candle captures the essence of inner radiance amidst adversity, with notes that evoke the sparkle of precious gems and the resilience of the human spirit.

Fragrance Notes:
Citrus Sparkle: A burst of orange zest, symbolizing the vibrant energy and optimism within.
Lavender Serenity: Calming lavender whispers, a soothing reminder of inner peace and tranquility.
Evergreen Resilience: Spruce undertones, embodying the steadfast strength and unwavering resolve to shine bright.
Zesty Lemon: Bright and uplifting, illustrating resilience and optimism that light up even the darkest days.

Let this candle illuminate your space with the luminous spirit of resilience and the unwavering determination to sparkle, just like a diamond.

Essential oils: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Spruce, Lemon
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