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In My Candle Era LLC

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm

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Scent Description: "In my heart, there's a Christmas Tree farm Evergreen, sparkling white Glittering lights, twinkle bright"

Fragrance Notes:

Fresh Pine: A fragrant journey through rows of evergreen trees, reminiscent of a Christmas Tree farm. Crisp Winter Air: The cool, fresh breath of winter, evoking the serene atmosphere of a snowy landscape. Twinkling Lights: Subtle, sparkling undertones that infuse the air with the joyous ambiance of holiday decorations.

"In my heart, there's a Christmas Tree farm," a lyric that echoes in the fragrance, bringing forth the warmth and coziness of the season. Light up your space with the spirit of the holidays, and let our candle envelop you in the magic of Christmas, where each note and scent are a celebration of love and tradition.

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