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"Is it cool that I said all that?
Is it chill that you're in my head?
"Cause I know that it's delicate."

Our Delicate candle captures the tender essence of budding romance, reminiscent of the exhilarating rush of falling in love. Let the subtle aroma envelop you, evoking the flutter of butterflies and the anticipation of newfound connections.

Fragrance Notes:
Bergamot Bliss: Delicate bergamot whispers of fresh beginnings, infusing the air with a citrusy zest that brightens the soul and ignites the senses.
Nelori Essence: Soft nelori petals lend a subtle allure, weaving through the fragrance with a gentle touch, like the caress of a lover's hand.
Ginger Infusion: Warm ginger adds depth and complexity, grounding the fragrance with a hint of spice, reminiscent of the tender warmth of budding affection.

Experience the beauty of our Delicate candle, where each fragrance note echoes the fragile yet exhilarating journey into new love, inviting you to embrace the enchantment of love's tender beginnings.

Essential oils: Bergamont, Neroli, Ginger 
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