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In My Candle Era LLC

End game

End game

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"I wanna be your endgame
I wanna be your first string"

Our "End Game" candle captures the essence of everlasting love and the desire to be someone's ultimate partner. With a blend of enchanting scents, this candle evokes the warmth of affection, the thrill of companionship, and the promise of a lifelong journey together.

Fragrance Notes:
Mango Passion: Exotic mango undertones, representing the depth of passion and intensity in a relationship, igniting the flames of desire and devotion.
Lemon Embrace: Refreshing lemon accents, evoking the feeling of being embraced by love's warmth and light, bringing a sense of comfort and happiness to your soul.

With each gentle flicker, our "End Game" candle invites you to bask in the glow of love's embrace, to cherish every moment shared with your soulmate, and to embrace the journey of building a lifetime of memories together. Let the scent of enduring love fill your space, reminding you that you've found your endgame, your forever love.

Essentual oils: mango and lemon

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