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Scent Description: "And in my mind, they sink into the swamp Is that a bad thing to say in a song?"

Our Florida candle captures the essence of a retreat to Florida's wild swamps, a place to hide when feelings run too deep and nowhere else offers solace. Let the evocative aroma envelop you, transporting you to a sanctuary where the weight of the world dissipates.

Fragrance Notes:
Cedarwood: Rich and grounding, cedarwood anchors the scent, evoking the dense, lush swamps of Florida that provide a natural hideaway.
Eucalyptus: Crisp eucalyptus breezes through, cutting through the humidity with its refreshing clarity.
Ylang Ylang: The sweet, exotic notes mirror the hidden beauty of Florida's natural landscapes.
Grapefruit: Bright and zesty grapefruit adds a spark of citrus, bringing a hint of sunshine and vitality.

Embrace the refuge of our Florida candle, where each fragrance note echoes the themes of escape and solace.

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