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Scent Description: "And for a fortnight there, we were together
Run into you sometimes, comment on my sweater."

Our Fortnight candle captures the bittersweet essence of a short-lived romance. Let the delicate aroma envelop you, evoking the poignant moments of a love that flickered briefly but left an indelible mark.

Fragrance Notes: Jasmine Whisper: Tender and intoxicating, reflecting the fleeting beauty of a romance that once was, now just a memory. Sweet Orange: Bright and uplifting, signifying the clarity that comes from reminiscing about brief but impactful moments. Lavender: Soothing lavender adds a wistful allure like the lingering touch of a once-beloved hand.

Experience the poignant journey of our Fortnight candle, where each fragrance note echoes the raw emotions and reflective sadness of a love that flickered and faded too soon.

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