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Scent Description:

"What died didn't stay dead, You're alive in my head."

Our "Marjorie" candle captures the essence of nostalgia and remembrance. Let the comforting aroma envelop you, evoking fond recollections and honoring the enduring legacy of loved ones.

Fragrance Notes: Lemon Jasmine Symphony: A harmonious melody of citrus and floral notes. Let this fragrance uplift your spirits and fill your heart with warmth. Lotus Elegance: Radiating serenity and tranquility. Allow their subtle scent to transport you to moments of peace and reflection, honoring the wisdom and grace of loved ones past. Gardenia Reverie: An intoxicating allure, let this fragrance linger in your space, a comforting reminder of love that transcends time.

Experience the tender beauty of our "Marjorie" candle, where each fragrance note pays homage to cherished memories and enduring legacy. Embrace the comforting embrace of nostalgia and celebrate the timeless bond of love that lives on in our hearts.

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