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Snow On The Beach Wax Melts

Snow On The Beach Wax Melts

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Scent Description: "Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful
You wanting me tonight feels impossible"

Fragrance Notes: 
Starry Dream: A pocketful of stars, evoking the dreamlike sensation of flying in the night sky.
Coastal Harmony: Subtle hints of salt, reminiscent of the gentle dance between the sea and the snow-covered shore.
Frosty Sands: A touch of frosty notes, capturing the serene beauty of a beach adorned with winter's touch.

The essence of 'Snow on the Beach' mirrors the dreamlike blend of flying in a dream, with each whiff carrying subtle hints of stars by the pocketful. Picture the magic of footprints in the sand, as the aroma unfolds with the weird but undeniably beautiful sensation of snow at the beach. The fragrance is a symphony of velvet twilight, frosty sands, and the warmth of an embrace. It's an olfactory journey that mirrors the complexities of life, inviting you to immerse yourself in the surreal beauty.
Essential Oils: Coconut, Peppermint, eucalyptus 
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