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Tis The Damn Season

Tis The Damn Season

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Scent Description: "In the winter chill, where memories unfold Seasons change, and stories of love are told"

Fragrance Notes: Winter Breeze: The refreshing scent of a crisp winter breeze, carrying whispers of enchanting tales and seasonal joy. Fading Embers: Subtle hints of warmth, reminiscent of the cozy glow of fireplaces during the holiday season. Evergreen Nostalgia: A touch of evergreen notes, capturing the timeless beauty of winter landscapes and the stories shared by a festive hearth.

"Stories are told," a sentiment woven into the fragrance, inviting you to embrace the magical winter wonderland and the timeless tales it holds. Light up our "Tis The Damn Season" candle, let the scent envelop you, and immerse yourself in the enchantment of winter and the spirit of Christmas.

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